Our Stories

Your Dollars at Work

At Capital Area United Way, part of our mission is telling the stories of our community. With each story, there is a person behind it - someone who needs the tools while they do the rest to build a better life, get back on their feet, or further the work they have done.

Through out grant process, our donors' dollars are invested back in the community through the 3-year funding cycle; however, the need doesn't stop there. The needs of our community evolve daily, whether they are short term challenges like a missed electric bill or food sustainability issues or long term challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic or hurricanes like Hurricane Ida. 

The stories we are tell are vital to the work we do - they are the fabric of the successes we champion. Below are the different grant processes we have done since the previous 3-year funding cycle began on July 1, 2019. Check back often for updated stories on each of these pages. 

We want you to see your dollars at work - how they are helping your neighbors down the street or even your co-workers. These are their stories.

Note: Grants are listed based on the fiscal year they were distributed (Fiscal year runs from July 1, 20XX - June 30, 20XX)


2020 - 2021